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Greetings, music lovers! Thank you for stopping by my webpage.

I loved music from a very young age. The very first instrument I learned to play just like many other kids, was the recorder. At the age of eight, my grandpa gave me an organ and sponsored my organ lessons. My big passion as a child, however, was always drumming. At first, I enraged our neighbours by drumming on our bins. I even built my own set using washing powder drums, Fischertechnik, and a saw blade as cymbals. I used this set to play in my first band called the Iron Tins when I was 12.
Once I turned 16, I toured the country as the drummer of a local German rock band. At the same time, I discovered my true love: the guitar. To this day, it is my absolute favourite.

Aside from my main job working as a metal builder, I toured the country as a guitar player with a number of bands, until I made my childhood dream come true six years ago. I was blessed with turning my biggest passion – music – into my profession. A friend of mine introduced me as a musician to a band called RÄUBER, and I went pro. All my life, it seems, was geared towards the moment of becoming a professional musician one day. And now that I have reached that goal, I am humbled and incredibly grateful for having been given this opportunity.

To me, music is the most beautiful way to express one's feelings. It is my goal to
touch people with my music and my vocals. My range covers everything from
ballads to heavy metal. Either way, my deep love of music can
in allen meinen Songs bemerkbar.

Privat life

Seit 2016 wohne ich in der wunderschönen Eifel und habe mir dann hier, zusammen mit meiner Frau, ein Eigenheim gekauft, in dem ich das Glück hatte, den Raum zu haben, mir ein eigenes Tonstudio einzurichten.
My wife is also a lover of music, and together we write many songs.

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